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Flexible PCB Manufacturer

Our capability includes single sided, double sided, multi-layer (1-10 layer) and flexi-rigid  (1-16 layer). All of our flexi circuits are constructed by building up component layers, eg. base, copper, coverlay, stiffener. Our flexible PCB’s are available at varying delivery times, depending on PCB type.Send your flexi-circuit PCB specifications to us by e-mail ( for a quotation.

Flexible PCB & Flexi-Rigid PCB Quality Assurance

We are quality approved both by UL and ISO9002.

Flexible PCB Materials

Flexible circuits are constructed by building up component layers, eg. base, copper,  stiffener. Bonding between each component layer is provided by an adhesive layer. The materials selected must be appropriate for either static or dynamic applications .

If components are to be attached, the base material must be selected to withstand solder temperatures, and a stiffener may be added. Flexible base materials are relatively dimensionally unstable and have to be processed on small step & repeated blanks, typically of a size only 20% of that used for rigid pcbs.

Flexible PCBs are significantly more expensive than rigid pcbs. Final profiling and test for flexible PCBs will often be carried out as single circuits. Mechanical tooling must be selected according to the volume and accuracy required.

Flexible PCB Capability

Items Flexible PCB Capability
Max Layer Count 10 Layers
Min Board Thickness 2 mil (0.05mm)
4 mil (0.10mm)
8 mil (0.20mm)
12 mil (0.30mm)
16 mil (0.40mm)
24 mil (0.60mm)
Max Board Thickness 80 mil (2.0mm)
Max Board Dimension 480*480mm
Max Conductor Thickness 4 OZ (140um)
Min Conductor Thickness 1/3 OZ (12um)
Min Trace Width/Space 3/3mil(0.075/0.075mm)
Min Hole Diameter 4mil (0.1mm)
Min Punch Hole Dia 0.1″ (2.5mm)
Min Hole Spacing NPTH:16mil(0.3mm)
Max Aspect Ratio 8:01
Min Solder PAD Dia 10mil(0.25mm)
Min PAD Ring(Single Side) 3mil (0.075mm)
PTH Wall Thickness 0.59mil (15um) for normal
PTH Dia Tolerance ± 3 mil (0.075mm)
NPTH Dia Tolerance ±2 mil (0.05mm)
Hole Position ±4 mil (0.10mm)
Outline Tolerance Laser: +0.15mm/-0.05mm
Die Punch: +0.10mm/-0.10mm
Min Soldermask Bridge 12 mil(0.3mm)
Min BAG PAD Margin 12 mil(0.3mm)
Impedance Controlled Normal: ± 10%
Value≤50 Ohm: ± 5 Ohm
Thermal Conductivity(W/m.K, or W/m.C) 0.30-0.45
Dielectric Strength ≥1.35 KV /mm
Wrap & Twist ≤ 1%
Flammability 94V-0
Thermal Stress 3 x 10 Sec @ 280 ℃
Surface Treatment ENIG, Flash Gold, Hard Gold Finger, Gold Plating, Selected Gold plating,ENEPIG, ENIPIG;