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Overview of global PCB Market


The 2019 International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen) – formerly known as the International Printed Circuit & APEX South China Fair was conducted from 4th to 6th December 2019. The event was organized by the Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association (HKPCA) and the China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA). Now in its 18th edition, the show highlighted products and services spanning the entire PCB industry supply chain in 7 thematic zones, making it indispensable to industry participants.

The 3-day International Technical Conference, held annually in parallel with the show, has covered the latest hot topics in the PCB industry, offering valuable insights from industry experts.

With 5G technology poised to transform the industry, the proliferation of connected devices will demand new and more sophisticated PCBs, forcing PCB manufacturers to raise their game across every area of activity.


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